Optional Tips before your session


Something that always gets people nervous is posing in front of camera. It can make many people anxious and uneasy. Remember everyone is photogenic regardless of weight, height, age, or skin type.  You just need to feel confident in yourself, that is the first step to a great shoot! You are insta worthy! So now you might not know what exactly to wear, how to pose, angles, etc. Fear not! Here are some great tips to get you prepared to looking and feeling your best in photos.

First of all, make sure you know that you will look your best when you have practiced a bit. Try posing with  yourself in the mirror to better understand which angles suit better for you, facial expression, hand postures, experiment with various different poses. Try preparing a few days ahead and  take a few selfies to play with angles.  Remember to have fun! 


- Make sure your clothes are in the best condition. No unwanted tears that aren't meant to be there.

- Wear something  that compliments your body type. Try  experimenting with bright and dark colors. 

- Make sure there are no wrinkles in the clothing

- No stains should be on the clothing you are going to wear. It will not look professional in photos.

- Make sure you dress according to the weather. If its cloudy pack a jacket incase.

- Getting a new outfit can also help boost overall confidence going into the shoot. Although this is 100% optional. 

Hair and Makeup

- Having  your hair neatly brushed, combed, and styled is important.

- For special occasions hair styled by a professional is recommended.

- Do not do any drastic hair changes  right before your shoot date. So you are comfortable with what you look like on camera.

-  Make sure you have trimmed nails, nail polish either completely on or none at all.

-  Even if your not big on makeup, natural glam can help the overall quality of photos and make you look your best ladies!

-  Special occasions such as  weddings, ceremonies, makeup done by a professional is recommended. 

- Make sure your lips are hydrated. Chap lips can show through in photos! Try using a lip scrub, or Chapstick. 

- Acne, wrinkles and scars are completely  NORMAL. However, they can be retouched easily. If you have specific concerns about  your skin being airbrushed let me know!